Be A Nigger Too Video Screening Friday, Jun 20 2008 


DIDDY BLOG NO. 6: “THE GAME HAS CHANGED” Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Souljah Boy Responds to Ice-T Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Naomi Klein: What Does Obama’s ‘Love of Markets’ Mean for Our Economic Future? Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC, “Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market.”Demonstrating that this is no mere spring fling, he has appointed 37-year-old Jason Furman to head his economic policy team. Furman is one of Wal-Mart’s most prominent defenders, anointing the company a “progressive success story.” On the campaign trail, Obama blasted Clinton for sitting on the Wal-Mart board and pledged, “I won’t shop there.” For Furman, however, it’s Wal-Mart’s critics who are the real threat: the “efforts to get Wal-Mart to raise its wages and benefits” are creating “collateral damage” that is “way too enormous and damaging to working people and the economy more broadly for me to sit by idly and sing ‘Kum-Ba-Ya’ in the interests of progressive harmony.”

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Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater is Still in Charge, Deadly, Above the Law and Out of Control Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

On June 3, Jeremy Scahill’s bestselling Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army was released in fully revised and updated paperback form. The new edition includes reporting on the now-famous Nisour Square massacre on Sept. 16 of last year, in which Blackwater mercenaries opened fire in a Baghdad neighborhood, brutally murdering 17 Iraqi civilians. The killing spree, which the U.S. Army would label a “criminal event,” would reveal the extent of the lawlessnewss enjoyed by private contractors abroad and the lengths the Bush administration will go to protect its private army of choice.

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Weather Reports Are Missing the Story Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

The floodwaters are rising, swamping cities, breaching levees. Tens of thousands are displaced. Many are dead. No, I am not talking about Hurricane Katrina, but about the Midwest United States. As the floodwaters head south along the Mississippi, devastating communities one after another, the media are overflowing with televised images of the destruction.While the TV meteorologists document “extreme weather” with their increasingly sophisticated toolbox, from Doppler radar to 3-D animated maps, the two words rarely uttered are its cause: global warming. I asked former Energy Department official Joseph Romm, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, about the disconnect:

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SWAGGER THEY GONNA JACK Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

Hip Hop / Rap Legend Sadat X Inks Deal with Affluent Records Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

Moroccan hip-hop group Fnaïre loses member in fatal crash Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

Colombia: ¿más o menos coca? Thursday, Jun 19 2008 

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