B-Boy Document: An Interview with Planet B-Boy’s Benson Lee Saturday, Jun 21 2008 

An Interview with Planet B-Boy's Benson Lee



Can street dance cope indoors? Friday, Jun 13 2008 

A new generation of shows is bringing hip-hop dance to an auditorium near you – but who will keep it real? (more…)

Specialized NYPD Unit Tracks Graffiti Writers Monday, Jun 9 2008 

LAist Interview: Bomb It Director Jon Reiss Monday, Jun 9 2008 

In 1999, director Jon Reiss brought the electronic/rave scene to audiences with the documentary feature Better Living Through Circuitry. Reiss now returns with another kinetic documentary, this time exploring the controversial art of graffiti in Bomb It. Shot with vivid colors and set to an energetic soundtrack, the film investigates the history of graffiti while profiling artists all over the globe. Featuring old school legends and current favorites such as Taki 183, Cornbread, Stay High 149, T-Kid, Cope 2, Zephyr, Revs, Os Gemeos, KET, Chino, Shepard Fairey, Revok, and Mear One, the production shot in the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Japan. Rather than just a slide show of graffiti examples, Bomb It is an explosive kaleidoscope of artists showing where the state of public space and personal voice sometimes clash and coexist. From sunny townships to dark serpentine tunnels, the film takes audiences along for the ride on guerrilla tagging missions and painting parties.

Bomb It premieres in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 tonight with a run that ends June 12. In this interview, Reiss talks about the diverse scenes he captured along with the unending need for people throughout history to write on walls.

This documentary is very comprehensive with so many portraits of different graffiti artists. Did you know any of the artists before you started?

I didn’t know anything about graffiti before I started. I was actually writing a feature film about graffiti because someone had seen Better Living Through Circuitry and thought, “He’s the subculture guy, he should write about graffiti.” I was always kind of interested in graffiti but I didn’t know anything about it. I was telling this DJ who was part of Better Living about it and she said, “I’m a [graffiti] writer and I know a bunch of writers. I’ll introduce you once you are in New York.” So I brought a camera and did a few interviews, I immediately saw that there was a lot of depth to the culture that isn’t apparent when you see it on the street. That intrigued me.

Gilberto Topczewski © Bomb It LLC 2006

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Independent Hip Hop Artist Develops a Revolutionary Concept for Marketing Himself Friday, Jun 6 2008 

Hip hop artist Drizzy D.R.O has developed a new viral marketing technique that has successfully reached tens of thousands of fans in over 35 states and two countries.

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Battle of the B-boys Thursday, Jun 5 2008 

B-boying, an updated version of break dancing, has reclaimed its place as the foundation of hip-hop culture.
Break dancers from Toronto and Montreal will compete head to head and head to floor as the feature performers during the fourth annual Style in Progress hip-hop festival at Yonge Dundas Square

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ASIAN BREAK DANCING Wednesday, Jun 4 2008 

extreme break dancing Wednesday, Jun 4 2008 

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