I’m a sexy little girl
CHINESE actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi is a woman of many faces.

You probably know her as the demure teacher in Stephen Chow’s alien film CJ7, or the sweet, cheongsam-clad waitress in the new Japanese film Shaolin Girl.

But Kitty can also be sexy – evident in earlier paparazzi photos of her appearing in a hotel swimming pool, clad in a cleavage-spilling red bikini.

After all, she was known as the Shandong Bo Ba, or busty lady from Shandong in China, when she was first picked from an audition for CJ7 two years ago.


And she admitted this in a phone interview with The New Paper, from Beijing: ‘I’m a sexy little girl… Sexiness is the highest compliment that you can give to a woman.’

Sexy, yes, but coy she isn’t.

Instead, she came across as frank, straightforward, and as one who doesn’t mince her words.

Her throaty laugh is endearing, and unlike most shy and reserved newbies, she had no qualms responding to sensitive questions, like a recent rumour about her and Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.

Never mind that she didn’t leave any strong impression when she was here with Chow in February to promote CJ7.

Chow was the undisputed star and commanded all the media attention.

But Kitty has progressed since, scoring three more prominent projects after the phenomenal success of CJ7.

There’s Fung’s hip-hop dance flick Jump, Tsui Hark’s female-centric Women Aren’t Bad, and Shaolin Girl – her first foray into the Japanese market with Chow watching over her as the film’s executive producer.

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