In this week’s Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Lil’ Wayne finding an ally in his beef with mixtape DJs, G-Unit snubbing Sean Bell while showing Rocsi love, Trick Daddy teaching Plies the definition of real and Diddy leading the charge of rappers who endorse Barack Obama.

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1. Sound Boy Burial. Even after Lil’ Wayne paid a visit to DJ Drama‘s radio station to ease off on his “f*ck mixtape DJs” declaration, it was still hard for the erratic emcee to find an ally in his war. That is until Jermaine Dupri stepped up to the plate during and interview with The Most Access.com.

“The DJ is dead at this point and time now,” Dupri said. “Because the DJ used to be like the person when you’re running track, and you pass the baton, and the person that grab it, they keep running. Now when you running and put the baton out there, the n*gga that’s a DJ, he grab the baton and he bump into you, cause he’s trying to run the other direction… When you pass them a CD, they handing you a CD. The attention level ain’t even the same…. the DJs are no longer focused on helping the way that they used to help, so that means the DJ’s dead.”

However, the backing of the diminutive super producer wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of attacks Wayne has experienced since pissing off the turntable masters.

Following the well-documented (and downloaded) leak of The Carter III album by DJ Chuck T, legendary New York turntablist DJ Doo Wop released a Weezy diss record. [Listen here]

I’ve gotta say I’m riding with Jermaine on this one. The DJ is dead. The fraternity is a joke. It’s a dog eat dog world out there were DJs are not only competing amongst themselves but with rappers for a dominant space in the lucrative industry. Even as they band together against Wayne it feels opportunistic. But I digress from my “old head” bantering to say that Carter III album is absolutely a lackluster listen. DJ Chuck T might have been doing Wayne a favor by leaking the album, giving Weezy F. Baby two weeks to revamp that joint.

2. What Up Gangsta? The boys from G-Unit made their much-anticipated return back to 106 & Park since the start of the 50 Cent vs. Rocsi beef, sans Curtis. Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks hit the 106 stage to promote the Unit’s upcoming album Terminate On Sight. Though the situation seemed a bit awkward between Yayo and Rocsi, there were no fireworks to report from the meeting. Ever the playboy Banks even gave the petite hostess a hug. [Watch here]

When they weren’t cozying up to the vivacious veejays, G-Unit was hard (and I say that loosely) at work crafting what was supposed to be a Sean Bell tribute song. Dubbed “Straight Outta Southside,” – the southside of Queen, NY – 50 and crew swagger jacked N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” steez to come up with a half-hearted show of pride for their hood and the fallen soldier, Bell. [Listen here]

Now if that’s the best they can do for tragedy that happened to Bell that’s a crying shame. Game did way more and he’s from Los Angles. The most you get from that is Yayo saying “f*ck the police.” Wow. 50 Cent gave more to Val Kilmer than Sean Bell. What’s up with that gangster? That’s not gangster.

3. Who’s Your Daddy? As if Plies needed to be reminded of what the definition of real is, Trick Daddy offered the young tike a dose of straight talk. During an interview at DJ Khaled‘s video shoot, Trick called out fellow Florida rapper Plies for not showing up to the video. Pulling no punches, [Watch here]

“Shout out to f*cker ass, fake ass Plies for not showing up”

Wow. Now whatever happened to that “southern unity” that everyone was so proud of below the Mason Dixon. Between T.I. vs Shawty Lo, Lil’ Wayne vs DJ Chuck T, it doesn’t seem all that unified down there. Come on New York rappers, this is what we need, here’s our opening. While they bicker and beef we can sneak back in and claim what’s rightfully ours. Let’s Get It. Hmmm, maybe we should start by not using southern slang to get our point across. Come on son, let’s do this! Word up!

Quick sidebar: What’s up with Trick’s face? He looks like “Puff” Daddy. Is his face still swollen from the club beat down he suffered last year?

4. Barack The Vote! Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama made history this week becoming the first African-American to be elected democratic nominee for president. In the wake of his historic accomplishment, the hip-hop nation came out in full support. Staunch Obama supporter Diddy led the charge. [Watch here]

While the former “Vote or Die” rep expressed his feelings via video on Diddy.com, Nas wrote a song about it dubbed “Black President”. [Listen here]

Even the usually reserved Young Jeezy had a take on the world-changing event. Here’s what the Snowman told MTV:

“For real, as bad as we try to ignore it and act like it ain’t got nothing to do with us, it’s real,” Jeezy said about what some people in the black community have felt. “What [the rest of the country] feared for a long time, a black president, it could possibly happen right now.”

It’s nice to see the hip-hop community getting political in such a passionate way. However if I were Obama I would denounce and reject Jeezy immediately. After the Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation the last thing Obama needs is to be associated with a man who hides drugs at his auntie’s house.