Rapper Rhymer is dealing with Americans, but not like Rain or Se7en. Instead, Rhymer is taking his first step into Hollywood through court.

Rhymer is getting ready to sue due to the use of his music in the Hollywood film, ‘Street Kings’ (starring Keanu Reeves). The song was originally created for a soon-to-be singer, Chae Eun Jung, for her upcoming album’s title song ‘Pop’.

Rhymer’s management and the creators of the movie were still discussing the use of the song, but the song was used in the movie before any papers were signed. When they were confronted of the use of the song without any permission, they replied with a cocky statement, “Rhymer’s name will appear in the ending credits.”

It’s always an honor to have your name appear in the ending credits of a movie that nobody will watch. What’s even sadder though, is that once the the lawsuit is over, Rhymer will most likely be the highest grossing Korean star in Hollywood.