If you’re seeking the summer record to take you from sun-drenched, top-down drives to a hot, sweaty block party to an after-hours sojourn, Luciano Nakata Albuqurque, a.k.a.
Curumin, has the soundtrack you need.

His new LP, JapanPopShow, offers a dense cultural blend that’s emblematic of his ethnic heritage: Brazilian samba-funk mixes with Japanese surf-punk, plus a 16GB iPod full of American urban music.
As much as this record is a collection of party time (and bedroom time) summer jams, it’s also about those influences and how they informed the music coming from the young multi-instrumentalist. The title refers to an old TV variety series, Japan Pop Show, that kept the Nisei and Sansei in Brazil hip to what was happening in the motherland. When Curumin was a kid, Japanese pop stars like Southern All Stars played the kind of carefree surf/ska the album’s title track is made of. �Compacto,� a shaggy acoustic funk tune, pays tribute to our old 45s. Samba can be heard too, straight or poured over reggae and funk.

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