Korean group Epik High will be making their comeback on 17th April with their new album. Their popularity is already surging as even before their new album, “Pieces (Part 1)” hits the market, their album pre-sales volume have already reached the 50k mark. This is an indication that it’s gonna be a best seller.

Jung Ryeo Won

Epik High has had an elaborate countdown album release event going on since 10th April and it’s the first time an album is using this method in Korea. Around 3000 Epik High posters have been pasted around the many busy streets of Seoul since 10th April plus related videos have been released onto the internet to add to the momentum. Jung Ryeo Won is seen in the latest video teaser which resembles a CF but she looks really good in it with the music playing.

Epik High has already completed the MV filming for their title track, “One” and they will be having a showcase on 17th April in Seoul, the same day that their album is released. This will kick-off the start of their album promotions.