Not completely, Kanye West is at a whole other level of self-obsession. The similarity between Rain and Kanye is this: Rain and Kanye have these ridiculous aspirations to be the world’s biggest star. I’m not saying it’s impossible but to constantly say things like, “I’m gonna be the world’s biggest star” or “I want to become the worlds best actor” is kind of tiring.

Rain:Actors playing the role also have to experience restrictions on their outward appearance. In actuality an Asian’s single-eye-lid appearance is considered very essential in the eyes of the Westerners. However, outside of the appearance alone, if one does not have his/her own unique charm, it wouldn’t work either. By diligently paying attention to these kinds of details, one can eliminate the restriction that Hollywood has on Asian entertainers, thus paving a brand new direction for Asia. Until the day when this restriction is eliminated, I will work hard continuously and become the world’s best actor.”

So… If I saw an Asian with double-eyelids… I would be unable to tell that person was Asian… because I’m a Westerner. How did Rain know?! The use of the word “essential” just kills me, as if I’m seriously blind to an Asian having double-eyelids. I think Rain is making up for the fact that he doesn’t have double-eyelids (I guess he’s still insecure about that). But in a more positive light he’s saying that it’s not important to have double-eyelids to be successful. Which more people need to be screaming at the top of their lungs. Anywho, Rain has a ways to go before he becomes the world’s best actor seeing as Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, and Daniel Day-Lewis are still alive.

Moving on:

Rain: “From the very beginning when I released my album, I had the strong hope that my music would rank up the charts at first place; after which I also had the hope that I would become South Korea’s best singer. Later down the line I then thought I’d be an actor, and then extravagantly hoped for an award in Asia. Now it looks like I’m in this world to win awards.”

Heh heh, Rain, Rain, Rain, the translator said that the last sentence is hard to translate but regardless, I don’t know how that could have sounded better in another language. Rain is in this world to win awards…. I don’t have a response, I’m just dumbfounded and all I can think about it that frighteningly juvenile Kanye West. Rain, don’t go down that road!